Thursday, May 12, 2011

Classic Country Radio Songs

Phil Sweetland wrote a great column today about Country songs that reference Country radio.  It made me think of others that I either remember, or learned about from Country music's rich past.  Besides the recent Reba hit, "Turn On Your Radio", how about these (in no particular order): 
Nothing On But The Radio - Gary Allan
Fading In, Fading Out - Tommy Overstreet
Listen To The Radio - Don Williams
Tiny Blue Transistor Radio - Connie Smith
(Lord Have Mercy On A) Country DJ - Bill Anderson
Radio Lover - George Jones
There Ain't Nothing Wrong With The Radio - Aaron Tippin
Turn Your Radio On - Ray Stevens
I Watched It All On My Radio - Lionel Cartwright

Radio and Country music are forever entwined in these classic songs.