Monday, September 24, 2007

Get Over The Fear Factor: In visiting clients over the past few months in getting ready for the fall book, it occurred to me that one of the problems we face in the industry is we're not always making the moves we need to make when we're already successful. By that I mean, let's say you just had a number one book; but in your heart of hearts you know you need to upgrade a position on the station. You don't make that move because you just had a great book, but sure enough, NOT making that move very well may haunt you later. As inexact a science as Arbitron is (People Meter or Diary), we still have to have the courage to do what we think we need to do. Eventually Arbitron may get it right. I have found that over the years, if the strategy is right and it sounds right to your ear and gut, the ratings will come.