Sunday, November 18, 2007

Radio's Future Is In Our Hands: One of the most positive articles regarding Radio comes from Advertising Age, which trumpets the future of radio, while outlining specific steps that need to be taken. This is must read.

Radio's Place in Advertising Ecosystem Is Local and Digital:

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Monday, November 05, 2007

PC's Becoming Obsolete?: In Japan, PC shipments are down five consecutive quarters. Sales of mobile phones and flat panel TV's are up. Hitachi is shutting down its household computer business. More than 50 percent of Japanese send e-mail and browse the Internet through their mobile phones. How much of YOUR email is done on the smartphone?

The more a phone can do, the less we need the PC. If we want to see it, it looks much better on a 42 inch LCD screen.

What's going on here? We want to be connected anytime, anywhere.

How does this trend affect radio? Our brands must be available across the platforms where users live. Phones, PC's, even TV's. Why not simulcast our stations over the local community cable announcements? I'll save the more creative ideas for my clients.

Think distribution, or be left behind.