Thursday, May 12, 2011

Classic Country Radio Songs

Phil Sweetland wrote a great column today about Country songs that reference Country radio.  It made me think of others that I either remember, or learned about from Country music's rich past.  Besides the recent Reba hit, "Turn On Your Radio", how about these (in no particular order): 
Nothing On But The Radio - Gary Allan
Fading In, Fading Out - Tommy Overstreet
Listen To The Radio - Don Williams
Tiny Blue Transistor Radio - Connie Smith
(Lord Have Mercy On A) Country DJ - Bill Anderson
Radio Lover - George Jones
There Ain't Nothing Wrong With The Radio - Aaron Tippin
Turn Your Radio On - Ray Stevens
I Watched It All On My Radio - Lionel Cartwright

Radio and Country music are forever entwined in these classic songs.


Anonymous said...

Let's not forget "THANK GOD FOR THE RADIO" by the Kendalls (and/or Alan Jackson.)

Gary R said...

Nice read, I will have to download some of these songs.

Anonymous said...

Another classic is "BJ The DJ" by Stonewall Jackson. It told the story of an early morning DJ who dies on the way to work.