Thursday, May 22, 2008

ACM Awards 2008: Where's The Magic?: Last year's show was one of the best ever. This year, not so much. Was it the sound that so many have maligned? Or the awkward duet performance of George Strait and Kenny Chesney who rock when they sing solo? The program is produced by the very competent R.A. Clark. Yes, he's Dick's son (On a personal note, I went to college with him. We took TV classes together at Northwestern and he was always sharp). Radio was barely acknowledged. How hard will folks work in the future to win that award when the winners are basically ignored? No matter how Kenny Chesney spins it, he attacked his fans who made him Entertainer of the Year.

Putting my young daughter to bed, I missed the best moment: Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley paying tribute to Eddy Arnold. The Tennessee Plowboy would have been proud.

My suggestion: Start fresh and reexamine all aspects of this show and let's make sure that 2009 does us proud.


Anonymous said...

I don't post on blogs very often but I saw the title of this one and had to comment that, in my opinion, Keith Urban's performance down on the floor WITH the audience was definitely a "magic" moment. He showed such enthusiasm and sheer joy in that performance. I'd much rather watch Keith than, say, Toby Keith, who absolutely looked so unhappy to even be on the show. While George Strait and Kenny Chesney are good singers, they just don't inspire me to go out and buy a ticket to their concerts or even buy their CDs.

I've seen approximately ten Keith Urban concerts and I have every CD he's ever put out--and I consider it money well spent!

Anonymous said...

I saw some "magic" on the ACM Award show. I saw Keith Urban performing a great, upbeat song on the floor WITH the audience. He showed such enthusiasm and sheer joy in his performance. It was such a stark contrast to some of the other performances I saw. Keith always brings something unique and very special when he performs!

Joel Raab said...

I agree with the anonymous posts. Keith Urban did have a terrific performance. Sarah Buxton looked and sounded great backing him up.

Anonymous said...

Is Chesney''s new song really Country?