Monday, December 24, 2007

Looking For A Job?

Unfortunately, this holiday season finds too many good people looking for employment. As one who spends a great deal of time wading through the talent pool, I'd like to offer some helpful suggestions for when you are sending out those all-important aircheck packages.

Do: On an aircheck, put your best stuff first. It sounds obvious, but you'd be amazed at how many airchecks start with a thud. If you don't hook me from "hello" you don't have much of a chance.

Do: Include a professional picture. Video is becoming more a part of radio and how you look does matter. You don't have to be a model, but a professional photographer can capture you in the best light.

Do: Use your name in the file name you send. Do you know how many files I would have on my computer that are called simply "aircheck" if I hadn't taken the time to rename them?

Do: Run any letter you send through a spell checker. If this were obvious, I wouldn't have to note it here.

Do: Demonstrate your versatility. Sure, there may be one thing you're great at (i.e., being a morning sidekick) but let me know what else you can do in this age of multiple hats. The more skills you can enumerate, the more valuable you can be.

Don't: Start an email or letter by saying, "Your search is over!". While I appreciate self-confidence, you are not the one making that decision.

Don't: Be impersonal. "Hello" is not a way to start a letter. Address the person you're sending your package to by name. If possible, mention something that shows that you are in the know about the situation you are applying for.

Don't: Send only links. Ideally, give the person receiving the package the option to download the file or go to a link. I like to be able to save the good ones easily from an email rather than having to go through the extra steps in order to download files from a website.

Don't: Bad-mouth your last job or situation. Again, this may seem obvious, but always emphasize whatever positives you can from a situation you have just left.

Finally, I strongly believe that there are still good jobs, even great jobs, for those who have talent and/or excellent work ethics. Make 2008 the year you take your career to new heights!


Anonymous said...

Somtimes, using spell check is not enough. If you use a correctly spelled word incorrectly, it won't get flagged. Only a thorough proofing of your text can avoid mistakes likes this from THIS very blog ("you don't have do be a model"):

Do: Include a professional picture. Video is becoming more a part of radio and how you look does matter. You don't have do be a model, but a professional photographer can cast you in the best light.

Joel Raab said...

Great point! Have a human proof what you send out as computers can miss things. Note: The blog has since been corrected, and I appreciate the input!