Wednesday, August 08, 2007

What Radio Can Learn From Brad Paisley: If you haven’t seen the “Bonfires and Amplifiers tour, you need to. Aside from the high tech and brilliant effects seen on stage that may be the most amazing I’ve seen for a concert of any genre, there’s a whole other level of entertainment going on. The spontaneity, fun, and pranks taking place between the stars of the show, the band and crew are shared with audience, and sitting in the crowd, I felt involved.

What can radio learn from this? Sure, you can have a great format (music); effects (imaging); excitement (contests), but do you involve your audience? At this show, the stars playfully tease each other. Do the members of your air staff do this with each other as friends do? Is there a fun, unpredictability about your station? And last but not least, does your station have a sense of humor that you share with the audience? This is what the Brad Paisley “Bonfires and Amplifiers” tour does. Does your radio station?

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AJ Martin said...

I totally agree with this article. So many stations are so scripted, they are so predictable and unexciting. The cool thing about country music is that the music is real life, and in real life we're all out to have fun and make memories. Having fun with each other and being spontaneous (just like Brad and company's antics)are sure fire ways to create memories. Listeners probably won't remember the ramped up promo about the race this weekend or great back-sell of a Carrie Underwood song, but if you've called out your morning show talent for singing "Wasted" in the bathroom, loud enough for everyone to hear it...the audience will remember that.