Sunday, April 15, 2007

Imus Firing: If there was some positive in the Imus firing it was that radio as an industry captivated the headlines for nearly a week becoming front and center in the national conversation and reinforcing our relevance.

Here's my prediction for Imus. He will (wisely) take a year rehabilitating his image, if not his own psyche, and will start his own radio network and or end up on the Fox News Channel. Where there's money to be made, we'll see and hear Imus again.

By the way, the two best stories I've read on this subject were yesterday's (4/14) Wall Street Journal chronology on the events leading to the firing and Frank Rich's column in today's (4/15) New York Times.


Randy Bliss said...

This incident demonstated now NOT to handle an incident like this. MSNBC and CBS officials could have gotten out in front of this, if they had recognized the potential storm that was brewing. By the time corporate folks to involved it was over. Imus also made a huge mistage by goig on Sharpton's radio show. If he had volentarily taken himself off the air, promised to make changes in his program and then met with the Rutgers team, he may have averted the eventual firing.

I do think that Imus could have come back with an adjusted approach to his show, done away with the "humor" and turned the show into a real forum for ideas and point's of view. I have been a fan for a long time, but I have thought for many years that he should have backed away from the raunchy humor in favor of more guests and interviews.

I also do not see Imus going to Satelite radio. The economics don't really work.

I agree with Joel that Imus will be back on terrestrial radio or cable news somewhere.

AJ Martin said...

I am in the same boat believing that Imus will be back on terrestrial radio...sooner than later. Would he have been fired had the advertisers put an "adjustment" to the bottom line? Maybe...maybe not, but it sure is sad that we as adults are teaching our kids that whatever someone says about you or is directed at you...a big stink just might come from it. I agree with Randy on the events that could have prevented Imus from getting fired. However, I think the big winner of this whole ordeal will eventually be Imus. Plenty of people will return to the fan base when he takes to the air again.