Sunday, December 17, 2006

What Time’s Person of the Year Means to Radio: “You” are the Person of the Year. That’s because, as Time notes, “You control the information age”. And that includes media choices. More than ever for radio to remain relevant and rise above the plethora of media choices, we will have to connect to our audiences in more meaningful ways. Over the next few months I’ll be talking with my radio station partners about the “how” of creating and sustaining communities of listeners through more relevant programming. The challenges are enormous, but make no mistake, radio has the edge if we don't squander it. Some would say it’s our game to lose. I say it’s ours to win. 2007 will be pivotal year. Let’s make it the best!

Here’s a link to the Time cover story. It’s a must read:,9171,1569514,00.html

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Buzz Jackson said...

We as a medium have a great opportunity to expand our brand into these new areas. If the listener is getting their information from all over, in ways they choose, then I say, let's be in as many of those places as possible. I think it's smart for personalities to have a Myspace page, or a blog (mine is, in addition to the "official" station's page. Then there's podcasts, flickr and many other ways to be found. Once we're in those places, though, the challenge is to keep the content good, fresh and interesting to maintain and grow that bond.

The way of the future is "on demand," so we all need to learn about RSS feeds, XML, etc.

As a side note, flickr and my blog are a LOT easier to keep fresh than the station's "official" webpage. I can update content on the phone if I wish. Companies that provide web services to radio stations need to get on board.